About Us

Situated adjacent to the Snake River in Southern Idaho, Snake River Cichlids is the largest producer of African Cichlids in the Northwestern United States.  Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in aquaculture, resulting in African Cichlids and other tropical fish of unrivaled quality.

Our breeding site has an artesian geothermal water supply.  Every minute, 450 gallons of naturally warmed water flows through our system resulting in high quality fish, free of disease. Additionally, our water is consistently over 80°F all year long, allowing us to produce fish all year long regardless of weather conditions.

In short, our water's consistent temperature, constant circulation and slightly alkaline pH is extremely similar to Lake Malawi.  This means our fish are grown in an environment very similar to their natural habitat!  Given how much water flows through our system and how well fed our fish are, they grow quick!  Be sure to check out how our sizing options work.

We here at Snake River Cichlids enjoy the hobby of raising Cichlids and other freshwater fish, but we are by no means a one tank breeding operation.  We use raceway culture to grow large, healthy colonies of Malawi Cichlids, Plecos and Cuckoo Cats.  Our specialty at Snake River Cichlids is rearing premium brood-stock fish and larger sized fish. Whether you're a hobbyist or a breeder, Snake River Cichlids can meet your needs!