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Quality Water.
Quality Fish.

The Northwest's Premier Breeders and Retailers of African Cichlids

Quality Water. Quality Fish.

Snake River Cichlids, located by the Snake River in Southern Idaho, is the largest producer of African Cichlids in the Northwestern United States. We specialize in breeding and selling freshwater aquarium fish and have established a reputation for unmatched quantity and quality.

Geothermal water plays a crucial role in the success of Snake River Cichlids. Combining geothermal water from "warm-springs" wells with cooler surface water achieves an optimal temperature for our cichlids. Without this unique feature, we could not raise tropical lake fish during an Idaho winter!

Our unique flow-back system operates continuously, ensuring a constant fresh water supply at the ideal temperature for our fish. This consistent environment promotes faster growth, larger size, enhanced disease resistance, and lower mortality rates. It's like a 24/7 water change.