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Lake Malawi OBs

The designation "OB" refers to distinctive Malawi Cichlids sporting captivating spotted patterns. This moniker came about through the crossbreeding of a male Aulonocara and a female Mbuna. While the OB gene is a natural feature of Mbunas, it has been artfully integrated into Peacocks and Haps through meticulous selective breeding.

Within the realm of Cichlid enthusiasts, fervent discussions abound regarding the merits of these hybrids. Yet, despite the debate, we find ourselves captivated by the remarkable beauty and individuality inherent in these hybrids. In fact, we've embarked on a journey to craft strains that are exclusively our own, setting the stage for unprecedented aquatic wonders.

OB DISCLAIMER It's important to acknowledge that these fish are indeed hybrids, and their color patterns may not exhibit the same uniformity as their purebred counterparts. Your purchase might unveil a fish with a different appearance than what's depicted in the photo.