Guarantees & Refund Policy

Snake River Cichlids Guarantees

  • "Arrive Alive" Guarantee - Your fish are guaranteed to arrive happy and healthy. If Dead on Arrival (DOA) or sickly upon reception, contact us within 2 hours of delivery time with photos to get assistance. Arrive Alive guarantee is void if fish are not intercepted within 2hrs of delivery scan. Please acknowledge emails concerning arrival date/time.
  • Guaranteed Species - If you received the incorrect fish, contact us with the photo of the incorrect fish and order reference.
  • Guaranteed Genders - Fish that are purchased as Guaranteed Male or Female are warrantied. If you believe you received the wrong gender, please contact us with the following"
    • 1) A photo of said fish
    • 2) A photo of said fish's reproductive organs or a "vent" as it's sometimes called. Color, fin shape, egg spots, etc. are not an accepted form of determining sex in cichlids.
  • Guaranteed Sizes -  If you received a fish that is too small, contact us with a photo of the size discrepancy. This will need to be done using a ruler, or other measuring device.
  • Guaranteed Healthy - Fish are screened before shipment for defects that can impact breeding and overall health. If you receive a fish with crooked mouths, disfigured fins, or other abnormalities are covered.
Guaranteed items are credited in store credit or refunds.

    What is not Guaranteed

    • Shipping Time/Dates - All orders ares shipped FedEx overnight. We cannot control any delays set by our carriers. Orders are packed with ample oxygen and 72 heat packs (during cold weather) in anticipation of possible delay. Our Arrive Alive Guarantee is still valid during delays, but shipping fees are non-refundable. Arrive Alive Guarantee is void if fish are left on porch or not taken care of within 2hrs of delivery.
    • Fish Color - There are a lot of factors that play into how colored a fish is, especially when it comes to OBs and other hybrids. Our photos display mature, dominant, males to show coloring potential. Development of color, intensity, and patterns is not guaranteed. We made our color guide page to help educate customers on expectations of color on fish.
    • Disease Free Promise - All SRC fish are screened for disease before shipment. Our breeding facilities are bio secure and free of disease/parasites. Lack of exposure to disease can make some fish more prone to infection in aquarium with past infections. We do not know the history of your aquarium, loss due to infections/diseases are not warrantied.
    • Loss by Bullying - New fish are targets for harassment by dominant fish. Care must be given when introducing new fish to an established tank. Loss caused by bullying/aggression is not warrantied.
    • Shipping Fees are non refundable.