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Sand Diver Hap

0.5 lb

Fossorochromis Rostratus

This large Hap hails from the depths of Lake Malawi and requires a spacious tank of at least 100 gallons to thrive. Sand is an essential element in their environment, as these fish love to sift through it in search of microorganisms and will even dive into the sand if startled. While generally peaceful, males can become quite competitive when courting females. With its unique behaviors and stunning appearance, the Sand Diver is a fascinating species that any aquarium enthusiast would be lucky to have.

  • Adult Size:  12-16"
  • Temperament:  Non-aggressive, peaceful
  • Compatibility:  Keep with other Peacocks and Haps of a similar size. Avoid keeping with Mbunas.
  • Suggested Diet:  SRC Hi-Intensity color food to promote color development.